Goring Craft Fair

Pitch 10

Pitch 10 - Daisy Chain Candles  Goring Craft Fair: November 2016


Daisy Chain soy wax candles are all individually handmade to  order, and can be left completely natural, or scented using concentrated candle fragrance oils.  Soy wax produces a beautiful natural cream colour when set, however, candles can also be coloured if required, so we are able to meet  individual requirements whether you are looking for personalised wedding favours, or candles with a particular colour and fragrance combination to match your home décor

Unlike some machine made candles which are sprayed with fragrance after manufacture to make them smell nice in the wrapper, our hand poured and scented candles have fragrance distributed throughout the  wax to ensure a constant scent throw whilst burning.

Please bear in mind that as our candles are all individually handmade they may not be completely uniformed or flawless, this  simply adds to the uniqueness of our candles.   We’ve found many people actually prefer an individual handmade look to standard machine made mass produced  candles. 



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