Goring Craft Fair


Publication Policy

Information about the stallholders is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (https://www.gov.uk/data-protection/the-data-protection-act)

All information displayed on this website is either already in the public domain or has been supplied by the stallholder.

To the best of our knowledge all information was correct at the time of publication.

Photographs taken at the Goring Craft Fair may be used to publicise and report on the event.

The information on this website is the copyright of the Goring PTA and the individual stallholders. Such information should not be used without permission.

If you are participating in our Craft Fair as a stallholder, then we will provide a link to your website and supply you with a web page on this website.

Where required stallholders must have available or display the correct trading licenses as set out by the government guidelines see https://www.gov.uk/market-stall-licence. Stallholders selling silver please be aware of any trading laws that exist around the sale of silver.

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