Goring Craft Fair

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Round and About: November edition

Woodcote Correspondent: October and November editions

Goring Gap News: October and November editions

Genie: www.Genienews.org

Reading Chronicle: www.readingchronicle.co.uk/leisure/events

Get Reading/In your area: www.inyourarea.co.uk

Newbury Today: www.newburynews.co.uk

Jack FM Oxfordshire: www.jackfm.co.uk/round/here

The Breeze: www.thebreeze.com/reading/local-even

WhereCanWeGo: www.wherecanwego.com

Stall Finder www.stallfinder.com

Daily Info: www.dailyinfo.co.uk

Round and About: roundandabout.co.uk

Facebook sites - Goring Booty, Spotted in Goring, Goring and Streatley Mum’s Group, Wonderful Woodcote, South Stoke Village Online: www.facebook.com