Goring Craft Fair

Pitch 20


Sasha’s Bears

Handmade Teddies

I have always liked making things out of paper, cloth, or any old scraps that came to hand, be it pieces of wire or string, beads, acorns or feathers. Of course, you have to find all these things, pick them up, and store them somewhere for who knows how long, because you never know what would come in handy one day for whatever purpose...

And so this not altogether serious attachment to all sorts of little things had been with me all my life – until one day I discovered a way to bring together everything I liked, all my abilities, and all the trifles I had amassed over the years in one occupation - making Teddies. This discovery meant there was no way back. And so, one by one, my Teddies appeared – each with his own personality.